Cartoon Network Updates its Powerpuff Yourself Avatar-Generator

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Cartoon Network has updated its Powerpuff Yourself avatar-generator with new themes to create a powerful blend of empowerment and creativity.

Launching globally, the new Powerpuff Yourself allows fans to create their own avatar followed by a series of fun and engaging questions to reveal their unique special ingredient. The update includes refreshed categories, more than 100 new personalizations, and is translated into 26 languages, including Japanese, Korea, Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia.

Powerpuff Yourself is now live at –

The original Powerpuff Yourself

The original Powerpuff Yourself debuted in April during the premiere of the reimagined The Powerpuff Girls animated series on Cartoon Network. It quickly hit the pop-culture zeitgeist dominating social media with over 12 million fans globally creating Powerpuff avatars in their likeness.

On the channel, November is a Powerpuff Girls takeover month throughout Asia Pacific, with new episodes premiering during primetime on weekdays with a marathon over the weekend. Fans will also be to catch the Girls on its apps Cartoon Network Watch and Play and Cartoon Network Anything, as well as its Youtube and Facebook pages.