Gudetama Translated to English Means “Lazy Egg” 

by The Editor 0

Gudetama like an egg, has no gender, however does have a bum crack. Gudetama is always downcast because of the fate that awaits – that of being eaten. In Gudetama, you can see a character that has lost all desire to compete, devoid of any get-up-and-go. Gudetama resonates with students for its “can’t be bothered” attitude towards life.

The character was hatched in 2013 by the Sanrio design team and has since taken Asia and now the western world by storm. Target categories for Gudetama are stationery, gifting, fashion and accessories.

Gudetama’s launch into the western world kicked off in February 2018 when Sanrio invited four key social media influencers, including @pewdiepie (over 62m subscribers on YouTube) to Tokyo to experience the world of Gudetama first hand. The campaign reached over 70m fans online – generating 2m likes across 40 Instagram posts, and 6m views on YouTube (& counting!)

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