Hit Preschool TV Series Kazoops! 
Releases First Toy Line

by The Editor 0

Kazoops! – the hit preschool TV series currently airing on ABC KIDS in Australia, CBeebies in the UK and NETFLIX for the rest of the world – is set to capture preschoolers’ imaginations this Christmas with a beautiful new plush and figurine toy range from leading toy retailer TOMY. The show’s much-loved animated characters Monty Kazoop, Jimmy Jones and their imaginary companions form this fun, colourful range which has just landed on Australian shelves at Toys“R”Us and Big W.

Kazoops! has captured the hearts and minds of children and parents globally since launching. Its endearing lead characters, Monty and his loyal pet pig Jimmy Jones, journey into Monty’s imagination to challenge adult preconceptions about the world. The series encourages preschoolers to use their imagination to explore life’s questions and never take anything at face value, “because things could always be different if you just imagine …” explains Monty Kazoop.

“Children naturally use imaginative play to develop their understanding of the world around them – just like Monty does in the show,” says Kazoops!’s executive producer Patrick Egerton. “This improves their confidence and their sense of self, which is great. So, anything we can do to inspire that is a positive.”

“We’re over the moon that the show has been such a big hit with kids and absolutely thrilled to see our Kazoops! characters come to life in this fabulous range from TOMY.”

TOMY’s Kazoops! toy line priced between $12.99 to $34.95, includes a large 30cm Jimmy Jones Plush toy that oinks, as well as a high-quality, detailed 15cm Monty Plush toy along with Plush versions of his imaginary companions Lily the Alien, Suzy the Dinosaur and Otis the Warthog.


The gang’s fun plastic figurine range features Monty, Jimmy Jones, Dyno-Pig, Zappa the Robot and Jarvis the Goldfish. Each figurine and playset comes with a collectible token. Additionally, the fun Monty trike with figurine and token, will inspire kids to emulate Monty and embark on their own imaginary adventures!

The Kazoops! TOMY range is now available in Australia at leading retailers Toys“R”Us and Big W.