LIMA and the Relevance of Local Market Leadership

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The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA) ticked over its 30th year in 2015 and the membership base has continued to show positive growth internationally.

To this end, more than half of our members now reside outside of North America. We now have local offices in the UK, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico and Australia. We also have professional representation in India, The Middle East, Turkey and South America.

All of this has provided a solid platform for the International markets to continue to grow over the coming years. So I wondered, what is an Association and what does it stand for? This led me to Google the definition of an Association. There were many references available, however the one that summed up exactly what we are trying to do with LIMA is:

Definition of an Association: Collaboration between like Companies.

The world and our industry are experiencing lightning fast change on a daily basis. I suspect that many of us have not fully come to grips with what this means to our businesses and what the impact will ultimately be!

There remains no doubt that we can work our way through this much easier as a collective group. The relevance and importance of local market LIMA membership has now become key.

I wanted to point out how a LIMA membership can help you connect more fully to the licensing business with the minimum of fuss.

It’s no secret that most of us are “time poor” when it comes to business. We have too much to do and not enough time to get things done! LIMA can help you. We can connect you and inform you via the LIMA information hub. Don’t underestimate the value of not having to search for information when you need it!

LIMA membership is a mindset. It requires you to buy into the team. What you put into it is what you will get out! There is a significant range of services and benefits that make it very worthwhile.

In terms of market intelligence, there is a never-ending barrage of information that hits your email inbox and social media platforms.

“Go with LIMA” and we will provide you with an unbiased and balanced perspective on “what’s hot and what’s not!”

There are three things you need:

  • LIMA eNews
  • LIMA News Link
  • Inside Licensing

Why is it key to become a LIMA member? It’s simple, it provides an inclusive platform to help you become a greater part of the licensing industry. We come to you, we set the agenda and we provide you with the direction to make the key decisions in your business that will set you apart from the rest!

We have a common goal; we can provide you with strength of numbers and collaboration.

Broadly, we can offer you the following tangible benefits; independent market intelligence, networking, free meeting space, education, free research and recognition of excellence.

As I have already pointed out, LIMA offers you inclusion. We can offer you strength of numbers, which will allow you to collaborate with your peers to simplify the business. LIMA is where you go to “connect.”

LIMA Australia

Collaboration in the LIMA Australia Licensing Lounge at the 2016 Australian Toy, Hobby & Licensing Fair

There is a requirement by you to embrace the association and contribute freely to realise the full benefits and services on offer.

We offer access to the only official educational accreditation in licensing, the “Certificate of Licensing Studies.” This course takes place annually and comes at a cost of $850 USD for LIMA members. Non-LIMA members can participate for $1,950 USD. This represents a significant saving for members.

8 Australians have already successfully completed their studies. Couple this with our brilliant Webinar program which is carefully archived on the members only website and you are sorted on the education front.

We provide the industry with structure and governance and set the direction for the industry to follow.

Our global and local awards programs are carefully planned to recognise excellence in all facets of the business and over recent years there have been a number of successful Australian entrants.

Finally we recognise your talent. Our Rising Star awards are designed to recognise and encourage the younger generation to pursue a career in licensing.

LIMA Logos

We have the opportunity to significantly expand our membership base across the international markets. This will allow a greater voice in determining policies and directions for our industry. I encourage all of you who are not yet LIMA members to contact your local country Managing Director or representative and sign up today!

We hope that you will consider joining LIMA if you are not already a member and we look forward to working with you.

This article was written by Tony Bugg, Managing Director at LIMA Australia.

To learn more about LIMA Australia, please email Tony Bugg via or visit the LIMA website at