A Quick Interview with Danger Mouse

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The Bugg Report had the chance to sit down and speak to Danger Mouse prior to Brand Licensing Europe and see what he has been up to lately.

So Danger Mouse, how did you become a secret agent?

I come from a long line of adventurers, heroes & secret agents. It was inevitable that my awesome skills would end up following in the family line.

What’s the best thing about being a secret agent?

The adventure, the danger, the cool gadgets and hanging out with my best friend Penfold all the time.

Which of Professor Squawkencluck’s gadgets is your favourite?

I’m very fond of the Mark IV Danger Car. The i-patch is pretty cool too because I can split screen Giraffe Warriors 7 and watch episodes of the show at the same time and use my spare eye to fight crime.

What does it take to become the world’s greatest secret agent?

Practice, good looks, hard work, good looks, a team of experts in support and good looks.

How about the other super-villains you’ve had to face? We heard you fought a vampire! Count Duckula?

He was a tricky one with his attempts to not just take over the world but also my show. Some people have such a big ego!  I’ve taken on ‘The Princess’, King Kong Brunel, Quark the alien, Burt Badboy, The Camembear, Delilah Von Greenback, Dr Loocifer, Megahurtz and Big Head. That was a bit of a slow week, usually it’s more than that.

Who’s the better spy: James Bond or the Avenger’s Nick Fury?

Bond is cool and debonair a bit like me but Nick Fury has an eye-patch so that’s got to swing it in his favour.

Are you excited about sharing your mission with an Australian audience?

Can’t wait. We’ve been looking for a new Danger Agent from Australia since Danger Roo got over excited in a room with a low ceiling.

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