We Catch Up with Tom Punch & Yvonne King from Haven

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The Bugg Report recently had the chance to chat to Tom Punch & Yvonne King from Haven to learn all about their new look and direction for 2017 and beyond.

What’s the direction for Haven in 2017 and beyond?

Tom Punch

Bigger and better! We’ve had a really exciting year to date with some big developments at Haven. We opened the doors to HavenAsia, extending our reach into South East Asia with an office in the Philippines. The appetite for licensing there is big, so it’s exciting for us to take our experience and expertise into a fresh new market. With an amazing team on the ground and Nickelodeon as our anchor partner, we’re starting to see some big wins.

As we look to the future of Haven here in Oz, it’s all about diversification. What we do is about so much more than licensing, so we’re having a lot of fun working with new partners on brand extension strategies that will maximise brand engagement and share of wallet. We’ll always be big in the Entertainment space and it’s our backbone, however we’re excitedly growing our Sports portfolio in motorsport and we’re working with some truly innovative brands in this space.

Which has led us to rebrand Haven itself.

Tell us about Haven’s brand new look…

Yvonne King

Our business has evolved so much over 23 years we felt it was time to do a rebrand that reflects what we truly do, and that is build businesses via brand extension.

In reality, a “license” is the terminology to describe the contract between partners and what we do is so much more. We build brands, we drive retail and we create compelling marketing programs to ensure any product we put to market enjoys successful sell through, so doing the deal and executing a contract is just the papering-up of that process.

Our business extends now across the key pillars of sport, entertainment, art and design and our new website reflects the diversity of executions our brands allow us – collaborations, retail activations, tour merchandising, promotions and location based experiences just to name a few.

The response to www.havenglobal.com has been terrific thus far and inspired our “Road Trip” theme for our ad campaign this year, encouraging one and all to come along for the ride!